Bier von La Trappe aus den Niederlanden

Von La Trappe - dem Trappistenbier aus den Niederlanden - haben wir bei Biervana folgende Biere im Sortiment:

  • La Trappe Witte Trappist (unser Favorit unter den belg. Witbieren)
  • La Trappe Dubbel (0,33 l Flaschen) 
  • La Trappe Tripel (in 0,33 l Flaschen frisch eingetroffen) 
  • La Trappe Isi'd'Or (in 0,33 l Flaschen frisch eingetroffen) 
  • La Trappe Quadrupel in 0,33 l Flaschen frisch eingetroffen. schreibt über die Historie der Brauerei: 

>>> Brewery formed within the Koningshoeven monastery in 1884. Between 1969 and 1980 the beers were produced under license by Artois (InBev). In 1987 Dubbel and Tripel were introduced, followed by the Blond in 1992. By 1999 the monastery had become a subsidery of Bavaria - Netherlands this resulted in La Trappe beers no longer displaying the Authentic Trappist Product logo. In 2005 an agreement was reached by which the monks would take a more active part in the brewery operation and so the logo was restored. <<<